Training and Facilitation

From cancer care, communication skills, research, organisational development and work-based planning – we have a breadth of training experience.

Impact Evaluation

We’ll work with you to understand what your organisation does and help construct ways of planning, measuring and evaluating impact by qualitative and quantitative means.


We offer research expertise based on your individual needs. Through interviews, observational work, focus groups or surveys, our research can help you make positive change.

Better Healthcare Communication
is Our Mission

Healthcare Communication Matters is a non-profit organisation.

We offer expert advice, training, research, and support to the NHS, independent sector, charities and businesses to equip them with the tools to create a step change that improves and enhances the experiences of patients and others accessing a range of social and health services.

Not for Profit


Some people automatically think that a not for profit organisation is a charity, but this is not always the case.  Some companies register with Companies House as a company limited by guarantee which means that they do not earn profit for its owners.  The money earned or donated is used to help the organisation achieve its objectives and keep it running.  This will include paying people for their time, and any additional funds will be used to help provide a public service.  This may for example in future include, subsidising training costs or providing small grants for research.